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My name is Markie104.

2013-08-25 00:31:46 by markie104

Hey there, you either accidently came across my profile or just want to troll me.
I am into video games. ever since I started, I got very good at drawing characters like ''Sonic the hedgheog'' (SEGA) and ''Quote'' From Cave Story (Pixel) My Favorite Games were, Sonic 3 and knuckles (SEGA) and the legend of zelda (NINTENDO) back in the days.
My Favorite FPS is Tf2 (Valve)
I have a Youtube, but I only give it to people I can trust, I wan to avoid hackers & trolls.
I have had this Newgrounds account for a LONG TIME but I only use it on very rare ecausions (I may of spelt that wrong, please excuse my terrible grammar, It's not terrible but its not the the best)
I think I joined this site in 2011.

My name is Markie104.


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